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Citizen Of The Month

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Pictured: Mayor Steve Little, Amy Moomaw and Council Member Doggett

Amy Moomaw

Febuary 2017

CITIZEN OF THE MONTH PRESENTATION: Council Member Doggett stated that it was her pleasure to present the Citizen of the Month Award for February 2017:

Ms. Amy Moomaw

Council Member Doggett stated that Amy grew up in Toledo, Ohio with a younger brother and sister. She majored in Dietics from Bowling Greene St. University.

Amy and her husband, Dr. Will Moomaw came to Marion 18 years ago when their daughter Megan was 6 weeks old. Dr. Moomaw was just out of medical school and they were on a job interview tour. They knew they wanted to live in the mountains. So, they were interviewing in Spruce Pine and the next day they were set to interview in Hickory. On their off day, they were coming through Marion and saw the blue hospital sign and decided to stop by and check it out. It was to be a quick stop 10-15 minutes. Amy was in the car with a 6 week old baby. About 2 hours later Dr. Moomaw came out of the hospital with Jeff Judd and Linda Cloherty and that was that. They never got to Hickory. They decided they would stay for about a year (18 years ago).

They have 3 children, Megan 18 at ECU, Roger 16 at the High School, and Thomas 15 at the Early College.

Amy currently works at the hospital in the cardiac rehab program, at the YMCA Taking Control of Diabetes and at Autumn Care as a Dietian. She is currently serving on her second term on the Board of Education. She serves as the representative to Headstart, has been on the Policy Committee and is Chair Person for the Curriculum Committee.

She has been a volunteer with Friends of the Libray, PTO Chair, was a constant presence at Marion Elementary when the children were young, serves on the Board of Health, is a master garderner and sings in the choir at First Methodist Church.

Council Member Doggett stated that she asked Amy what motivates her to get involved. Amy stated that she loves the relationship you develop with people and feels she has to be involved in order to have an opinion on the events that are happening around you. She feels like we all have to contribute something. Just show up and get involved.
Council Member Doggett stated that one thing she really loves about Amy, other than her real interest and involvement in our community, is her contagious laugh. 

Mayor Little, Council Members, family members and friends all shared kind words regarding Amy Moomaw and congratulated her on being selected as Citizen of the Month for February.