City of Marion

Citizen Of The Month

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Joey and Teagan Sacco

April 2018


Council Member Juanita Doggett advised that it was her honor and privilege to present Teagan Strautmann Sacco and Joey Sacco as the Citizens of the Month for April.

She didn’t actually meet Teagan and Joey Sacco in Marion. They met in Asheville at the Regeneration Station where they have a booth of their products.

They moved to Nebo in 2015. In 2016 they purchased the Alamo Building and the barn from Builders Supply on South Garden Street.

They met nine years ago in college at the University of South Florida. Their degrees are in Mechanical Engineering. Teagan worked at Leader Tech designing mechanical metal shields for circuit boards to prevent electromagnetic interference. Joey worked for Laklin Electric, a public municipality, as a Turbine Engineer.

They were not involved in the community when they worked in corporate America in Tampa, a big city, working full time and working on their dream job, Turtle Labs in the garage after work.

Teagan had been in the 4H Club as a child and worked with horses for the handicapped. Also, volunteered at the community college with engineering.

After working in corporate America, they knew they had to follow their dream. They needed something more fulfilling, more thoughtful and able to express themselves with their creativity. So, they quit and moved to N.C. They had vacationed in Fairview and the Blue Ridge Mountains and they had fallen in love with those mountains. So, their ten year plan, became a two year plan and here they are.

They have stormed into our city and showered it with kindness. They were the first young entrepreneurs to take a chance in our city. They work with other young entrepreneurs in our city doing joint ventures, partnering with each other for the good of all.

They host the CARP children and the kids love that visit.

They built the gold nugget for the New Year’s Eve event, helped the high school set up and program their new plasma machines. They make and donate items for fund raisers around the area.

They have stated that one of the best parts about being able to make and craft things, is helping out others. A few weeks ago they came across a dog who was born without his front legs. They jumped on the opportunity to make a set of wheels that is now helping this dog get around.

Council Member Doggett stated that she remembers a line from an old Ronnie Milsap song that goes something like “once in every life someone comes along and improves our life”, Joey and Teagan do just that. They are indeed the best of the best and she is so glad to have them in her heart and life.

Mayor Little, Council Members, family and friends all shared kind words about Joey and Teagan and congratulated them on being selected as Citizens of the Month for April.