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Citizen Of The Month

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Robert K. Hawkins

July 2017

CITIZEN OF THE MONTH PRESENTATION: Council Member Everette Clark presented the Citizen of the Month for July:

                                           ROBERT K. HAWKINS

Council Member Everette Clark presented Mr. Robert K. Hawkins as his Citizen of the month for July.

 Mr. Hawkins was born in Tennessee in 1926. He moved to Marion as a young child. His family relocated here for his father’s career in building rail beds and cofferdams for the expanding railroad industry.

 Mr. Hawkins is a member of what the journalist Tom Brokaw calls “The Greatest Generation,”  growing up during the hardship of the Great depression and then going on to serve his country in WWII. Most of his WWII time was spent in the Philippines (Manila bay and Luzon in particular) and later in South Korea.

 Mr. Hawkins work career began at age 16 when he left home to take a job at the Newport News shipbuilding and dry dock Company in Newport News, Virginia, where he helped build the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid and the cruiser USS Houston.  He was drafted into the U.S. Army at 18. Returning to Marion after WWII, he worked a short period in the grocery business before taking a job with the U.S. Post Office where he worked for 36 years.

 Mr. Hawkins was married to Hilda for 57 years. Mrs. Hawkins passed away in 2008. They raised two children in Marion, a daughter Janice Adams, who lives locally and a son Robert who lives near Athens Georgia. He has one granddaughter and three great grandsons.

 At 90, Mr. Hawkins continues to be an active member of Story Memorial Presbyterian Church, which he joined in 1937.

 Mr. Hawkins is a walking history book and very interesting to talk to.

 Mayor Little, Council Members, family and friends all shared kind words about Mr. Hawkins and congratulated him on being selected as Citizen of the Month for July.