City of Marion

City Council

The City of Marion operates under the Council-Manager form of government. The elected City Council hires a City Manager to manage the day-to-day operations of the City government.

The Mayor and all five members of the City Council are elected at-large on a non-patisan basis by the citizens of Marion for four year staggered terms.

City Council Meetings to be Held by Zoom Going Forward

In order to maintain the safety of City residents, staff and City Council Members, Marion City Council will begin hosting its regular meetings by Zoom starting on Tuesday, September 21, 2021 until further notice.

The public may access these electronic meetings by calling 1-301-715-8592 or 1-646-558-8656 and then entering the Meeting ID of 854 6006 9882. The password for this meeting is 060046.

Members of the public interested in making a public comment during the Public Comment portion of the meeting can contact Landdis Hollifield, City Clerk/Public Information Officer, at or at (828)652-3551 ext. 306, for details on how to do that.

The City Council meets twice a month, on the first and third Tuesday of each month, except in July, when the City Council only meets on the third Tuesday of the month, and in December, when the City Council only meets on the first Tuesday of the month. Meetings are held at City Hall, located at 194 North Main Street. Meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. The public is always welcome to attend Council meetings and to speak on any issue they wish. Public comments are typically taken near the beginning of the meeting agenda. The public is encouraged to contact the City Manager at (828) 652-3551 to arrange to appear on the City Council agenda, but is not required to do so. Special meetings of City Council are held periodically and announced in accordance with State law. Meeting schedules are advertised on the City’s website.

Steve Little has served as Mayor of Marion since 2009, and served on City Council from 1985 to 2009.

Billy Martin is the Mayor Pro Tem and has served on City Council since 1995.

Woody Ayers has served on City Council since 2017.

Ann Harkey has served on City Council since 2017.

Juanita Doggett has served on City Council since 2009.

Don Ramsey has served on City Council since 2011.

List of Mayors of City of Marion

List of Council Members of City of Marion

For Current City Council Agendas, click HERE to go to our document repository, or navigate to it using the link found under site tools.