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Tabernacle Community Garden

West Marion Neighborhood Park

Nestled in East Marion, at the corner of Clark and Baldwin, the Tabernacle Community Garden will celebrate the beginning of its fourth year in April of 2021. The Tabernacle Community Garden is more than just fresh fruits and vegetables for the food insecure, it's building relationships, building bridges, and building hope. We are looking to expand the garden by offering raised beds for rent, a walking path, benches, picnic tables and a fire pit. These additions will create an atmosphere perfect for relationship building, while offering a place to take a walk, get some fresh air, and reconnect with nature. Our biggest feature will still be the large main garden focused solely on growing food for community donation. Neighbors have worked together since 2018 to grow food in our garden to share with local shut-ins, local food pantries and soup kitchens, the Marion FD, shelters, WIC, the Box of Love project, and many more.

In 2019, the garden expanded with a satellite garden annex located at Fat Boys Burritos. This second location gave the garden additional room to grow a variety of vegetables and herbs.

The garden’s entrance is located on Clark Street. The Tabernacle Community Garden is open from Sunrise until Sunset. During the growing season, neighbors and community members are invited and encouraged to work in the garden, planting, weeding, watering and harvesting. Workers may share in the bountiful harvest, but most of the food grown in the main garden is shared with the needy in our community.

The Tabernacle Community Garden is helping to fight food insecurity in Marion. This was the original idea for the garden, but it became much more. The TCG has created a sense of community. Neighbors are working together, getting to know one another, caring for each other, building relationships and creating a more unified community. Volunteering in the garden will help us continue this dream of fighting food insecurity in Marion. No one should go to bed hungry! To volunteer or for more information, please contact Niki Palmer, Garden Coordinator More information can be found about Tabernacle Community Garden at or our website You can share your experiences of the community garden on social media by using the hashtags #feedingmcdowell and #communitypartnershipsmatter. If you’d like to connect with Niki directly, her cell is 717.526.8728.

Foothills Food Hub

Foot Hills Food Hub

The Foothills Food Hub will be a central hub, located in the Nebo Crossing center at Barnes Road in Marion. A project of the McDowell Local Food Advisory Council, the Hub will bring the community together and offer services to help improve health outcomes and increase community connectivity. Programs and services such as cooking classes, culinary training, storage for both donated and fresh local produce, a farm fresh produce wash line, cold storage and distribution, a commercial kitchen, and a center for community agencies to do outreach. #feedingmcdowell